How to Get More Oxygen In

“How do I get more oxygen in when I’m a shallow breather?”  This is a very common question i am asked when doing talks, classes or presentations.

To answer and provide “useful practices”, i always refer to the three TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s, and one of the first priorities TriBreath™ employs.  That is the practice of emptying of your lungs first.

This may sound obvious, but if it was so obvious there’s a very big possibility that there wouldn’t be a world wide epidemic of humans being unwell due to oxygen deficiencies.

Most of us know that oxygen is the greatest promoter of life, yet throughout your day have you every wondered how often you hold your breath?

When was the last time you caught yourself holding your breath?

The only real advantage that holding your breath offers that i can think of is if you’re under water or noxious gases in the air.  If neither of these scenario’s are relevant to you, then prioritising your OUT-breath (your exhalation) to first empty your lungs offers you some big benefits.

The empty cup

For example… If you have a cup that’s half full of ingredients that are stale, it makes filling up the cup so the cup is 100% full of fresh ingredients impossible.

For the cup to be full of 100% fresh ingredients, the stale ingredients must first be removed/emptied from the cup.

Its the same thing with your lungs!


Diaphragm and lungsIf your lungs are already half full with stale air or what is called stationary air (air that under ordinary circumstances does not leave the lungs in respiration) and its your intention to fill up your lungs with fresh oxygen-rich air, then we all have a substantial challenge to address.

By being aware that is your exhalation that allows you to breathe more oxygen-rich air in, things can very quickly change for the better particularly where your health and vitality are concerned.

In this case, when you put more conscious effort into emptying your lungs in the very first instance, this action allows you to increase the availability of oxygen into your lungs.  And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that getting more oxygen into your body is a good thing!

With the correct use of rhythmic breathing as is utilised in the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms, greater lift, vitality and awareness of your body can all be readily achieved .

Use the same technique for your exhalation as is taught in the Little Breath Bigger Breath technique for your inhalation.  Once you get it you’ll be one of the many people who can yell from their lofty heights with a lung full or air!

As always, if you have any queries, let me know.

Wishing you well,

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach


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