Step Counters – Yes or No?

The race against time and using step counters to purportedly measure the distance traveled appears to be further ingrained upon humanity but at what cost?  Whether step counters and their use is the better path to walk by people who are endeavouring to improve their fitness and their relationship with their body is open to discussion.

To me this belief that “step counters” are beneficial appears to have quite the opposite effect on the body as i believe the use of said step counters places a greater expectation upon the body to provide some form of service.  This service we expect our body’s to supply may not meet cohesively with the body’s condition.  That is whether or not the body is equipped to supply said service.

Perhaps it is the belief of “expectation” that gives wings to the widely distributed words, “No pain no gain!”

Equally, it may be this reason “why” what are considered very fit men and women (men in particular) have a tendency to drop dead due to heart issues at relatively young ages after physical exertion.  Considering the hygiene and nutrition that is readily available in this day of age, one must question why these unfortunate events occur.

Sure there is fortitude in the mental body to “will” the body to go beyond that which the body feels comfortable/able to provide, but i feel it is always wise to question ones expectations that one believes is his or her right to receive for any service provided.

And for this the body is of no exception!  Hence as i was doing some breath work with a dear friend who couldn’t figure out why he was feeling fatigued when his step counter say’s he’s getting fitter, i had a bit of a giggle.

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Some muscle testing

In the video above i share a simple technique using kinesiology (muscle testing) to test whether or not the electrical current that emanates from a simple step-counter could possible disrupt the body’s neuron-function enough to cause weakness of muscle integrity.

With today’s world of marketing products with what i consider having “no real human benefit” (it’s not how many steps you take, it’s your breath’s that matter) sharing this little technique with him certainly gave him something to ponder on.

Let me know how you go!

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach

P.S. And it’s a good party trick 🙂




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