Improving Nerve Function

The more you recognise the processes of regeneration and resurrection that are inherently found within the human body, the more you recognise it’s all about maintaining and improving nerve function!!

The belief that strength and vitality is all about muscle size is but a small fragment of a grander truth.  For the truth is, all of the strength’s that make up ALL organic body’s is 100% purely dependent upon communication in particular ‘neural communication’!!

No matter what the physical endeavour is, it can be very helpful to understand and recognise this.  It matters not what is transmitted from your brain to stimulate/activate the nerves of your muscle to cause contraction and extension, if the very nerves ability to transmit and receive information is compromised.  This is, what is transmitted is not received!

What you see is what you get

Most would agree it would be foolish to try and build a house if you have no vision in your mind of how that house is going function for your greater benefit once it’s built.

Seeing in your mind “where” you want the windows, doors, stairs and rooms etc. to be is very helpful in the building process. 

So much time and resources are wasted in so many building projects simply because of “lack of vision”.  Hence, that’s why we hire professionals like architects and builders.  To help us “see” the finished project.

Same thing with your body but in this case “you” are the architect and “you” are the builder!

And it all starts in your mind! 

Your physical, mental and emotional health that together create your creative potential, is 100% powered by the most powerful of all the spiritual and physical faculties, your creative imagination!

Your own internal vision board!  For the truth is, if you cannot see it you cannot build it!

This is where your breath is like warmth on a cold day and the TriBreath™ techniques are like watermelon served on silver platter as you walk over the Sahara Desert.

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Your neural communication potential

The vitality and health of every organ, muscle, sinew, every square inch of you is 100% governed by your body’s Neural Communication Potential (NCP).

Using the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s to help ‘distribute your own self-generated light like a lighthouse does through the darkness of night’ is one of the first building blocks that support the processes of both regeneration and resurrection of neural communication and body fluidity. An ailing body is only ailing because of isolation!

Isolation from light is what darkness is!

Which leads us to the video below and a way to bring the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s in harmony with your creative imagination… the seer of creation to energise and stimulate your nervous system from head to toe.

Start with your feet and work your way up. This is where your starting point is!

If you search ‘Triangle’ in the TriBreath member area you’ll find lots of guidance and how to get the best from your practice.

Any queries, let me know!

Enjoy 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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