Improving body structure

There’s a big reason why body structure matters and why the return to Factory Default Settings (FDS) of your body’s skeletal frame, your body structure does matter.

Reason being no matter what your age, most of us have plans to be mobile and active for many years to come.  With the goal of maintaining health and fitness being one of those thoughts that pop into the head with great regularity, what’s the answer to being assured of the result?

You may be surprised to know the answer to greater mobility and fitness is a lot closer to you than you may think. And it all starts with your breath!

As you may know, the human body is designed in a certain way.  Take for instance the physical action called walking!

If your body is designed to walk, why then does the body loose this ability to be actively mobile as the body ages?

Why are injuries that result in physical limitation so common in so many?  Sore knees, sore feet; an inflamed hip joint; lower back issues; a ligament that sends sharp pains from the sole up to the knee that ultimately ends the days of enjoying a good walk.  Not to mention running!

The is answer is simple…

It’s all in the way you breathe!

For just like rhythm is a precursor to life, so to is rhythmic breathing the first step to return your body to active mobility with the reason being this… it’s all about the distribution of weight-bearing forces!

Understanding that how you breathe will either balance the weight-bearing forces that are placed on the two sides of your body when you walk/run etc., or your breathing rhythm will create an imbalanced distribution of weight-bearing forces upon the two sides of your body when you walk or run is truth.

Once this understanding is grasped, the words… “I cannot run anymore because I have bad knees/ankles/lower back etc.” will dissipate with impotency!

Unfortunately the amount of times these words have been expressed from the mouths of the many must be in the zillions and is only true because one believes it to be true and lacks the knowledge to prove this belief untrue!

Again this is an unfortunate situation particularly when the remedy as stated is so close at hand that if one could see the light, one would know for sure there is no such thing as a bad knee/ankle/lower back… there is only lack of knowledge and application of said knowledge.

Balancing the approach

Breathing in a particular way that has a balancing-effect upon the movement of your body is first and foremost the beginning of body-mobility resurrection!

Rhythmic breathing as is taught in the TriBreath™ Member Teaching Portal teaches you to use your breath with the potency of the pendulum equally distributing the momentum of your physical movement that supports and helps you glide across the floor when you move, rather than thump.  Without any doubt, the answer to increased mobility and the return of mobility rests with specific rhythmic breathing techniques and is the first task at hand to achieve this goal.

Once you have sown the seeds of harmonising the movement of the two sides of your body by using your breath into your consciousness, the next step is the awareness of your arms movement.

For it is by using your arms as your body is designed that ignites or diminishes your body’s potential and again requires your utmost attention if lifting your mobility up to greater heights is your priority.

A better way is found by observation

To observe this first hand, watch people who don’t have good mobility like the elderly or people who are ill or injured walk.

What you’ll more than likely observe (once you know what you’re looking for) is the way the arms are held close to the rib cage.  This the arms won’t be pumping!  The arms will be hanging by the sides with little movement from front to back.

Yet with the application of TriBreath™ knowledge, one will soon note it is the arms that move the legs, not the other way round.  Then as bestowed by original design and the upliftment of oxygen, your body will lift and your spine will find solace in rhythmic fluidity.

For the truth is there’s only one human who can move, heal and lift your body and that’s the one who is sitting in the drivers seat and doing the breathing… YOU!

Any queries, let me know.

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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