April 22nd 2017

Your Life and the Air You Breathe

The trick is to be conscious of your breath and catch yourself when you’re moving beyond your breath. This is one of the fundamental insights you experience practicing rhythmic breathing.


February 28th 2017

Your Aging Breath

When it comes to aging and your breath, or more to the point “how well you can breathe” when you’re in your “matured” years, there’s more than a couple of reasons why focusing on “how” you breathe when you’re moving


November 14th 2016

Good Posture At Silkwood School

A wonderful time was had by all as staff and students from Silkwood School acquainted themselves with just how powerful simple body adjustments can be to instantly correct their posture.


November 3rd 2016

Give To Get Healthy

We as a body of people have been trained to believe in what could easily be called the Illustrious Power of Getting. Get fit, get healthy; yet all this getting could be erroneous.


September 14th 2016

Intro to Wall Work

This video is a time lapse of a one and a half hour Wall Work session i did that has been condensed into a 2:20 second clip. It’s very interesting to see how the body moves through its discomfort.


August 7th 2016

How to Improve Your Digestion

When it comes to what you eat and drink to provide nourishment for your body, being aware of the four digestive saliva’s can help a lot. It’s not what you eat; it’s what you absorb!


August 4th 2016

Breathing Mechanics

Looking at the way your body works “simply”, is by far the easiest way to create change. Seeing the workings of the internal organs to that of an internal combustion engine is eye opening.


August 1st 2016

How to Get More Oxygen In

“How do I get more oxygen in when I’m a shallow breather?” This is a very common question i am asked when doing talks, classes or presentations. To answer and provide “useful practices”, i always refer to the three TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s,