August 27th 2021

Tracey McBeath Podcast

When the conditions are right and are in sync with natures law, abundance will surely be the bounty. Having a chat to Tracey McBeath was like sitting in a comfy chair with with a nice cup of tea.


August 8th 2021

What is Wall Work?

Wall Work has one primary function… To return your skeleton to what i call Factory Default Settings (FDS). Why? It’s called pain, discomfort & restriction! If you regularly experience…


July 22nd 2021

Body Breakdown

If you’ve ever been in a car that’s broken down and you don’t know how to fix it, then you know the feeling! The worry, the angst and the stress. But what if you knew how to fix it!


July 6th 2021

OutBack Mind Podcast

In this podcast episode, Aaron Schultz (creator of the Outback Mind) and i have a chat to explore possibilities and tips that can help guide even the most stable of minds to better states of being.


June 27th 2021

Is TriBreath Like Yoga?

TriBreath tones and does something to your body that a lot of practices don’t do. You can use TriBreath in your yoga. You can use TriBreath in your pilates. You can use TriBreath in your gym.


January 30th 2021

Baoding Balls

Baoding balls or Yin Yang Balls have been around for centuries. The myriad of injuries i have treated on myself using these balls as acupressure tools is too many times for me to even mention.


December 16th 2020

Building Lung & Digestive Health

How you use your elbows when you walk is literally the make it or break it when it comes to lung strength and digestive health, particularly as you age. Learn why your elbows matter!


August 17th 2020

A Pilgrimage Into Tibet

Embarking upon a pilgrimage into Tibet, i was asked by a close friend to share the TriBreath™ techniques to help prepare groups respiratory fitness for the breathing challenges ahead.


August 11th 2020

Masks and Exercise

A TriBreather has asked me to share my thoughts on the use of masks when they exercise. Happy to oblige! My response would be there’s two things that i would consider…